5 Reasons Why a Prenup is a Good Idea

5 Reasons Why a Prenup is a Good Idea

Marriage isn’t just a relation that brings two people together, it’s camaraderie of families, and it’s the union of two souls and a bond of their related affairs. Taking care of one another financially and emotionally is what this relation is all about. Sometimes saying ‘I Do’ at the altar doesn’t always suffice the relation and its clauses that you are about to enter therefore you tend to set things straight before you enter this holy matrimony.

Prenuptial Agreement:

Prenuptial agreement or the Prenup is an official settlement or the legal and financial affairs of the spouses to be, which dictates the state and division of assets and some personal matters before you officiate the marriage. It is also known as the premarital agreement that defines the fine line of how matters would move along once the wedding has taken place and how much each spouse is entitled to the wealth they are about to share. It also takes care of the financial matters in event of a divorce. It’s not a bad idea to take some precautionary measures as the life we all know is highly unpredictable.

Reasons to Have it

Whilst many would argue against the prenuptial agreement, there happen to be a number of reasons why it might be a great idea for starters.

1. In event of a divorce:

This being the primary motive behind having a Prenup, has the added advantage of when things go chaotic and sour in a relationship. The alimony, property settlement is done in advance which saves the fuss, the unrests and fear of the unknown. You go into something, with full awareness of your rights and belongings. A simple prenuptial agreement gives you the confidence that when you are no longer married, you still have your back protected.

2. Saves future disagreements

When you’ve entered in a marriage, settlement of such sensitive matters is crucial but also presents chaos, disagreement afterwards. So Prenup allows you to talk freely before your spouse, you would know their perspective and you wouldn’t have to bear through unnecessary disparity. This ensures that you both are on the same page in terms of monetary or financial matters. It saves you from future surprises of any sort.

3. Strengthens your bond:

Having gone through discussions regarding such matters allows you to see for yourself, where you stand in a relationship. You not only find your compassion and feelings for your spouse but also build a better communication network with one another. You understand your spouse’s concerns, motives, feelings and whatnot. It only helps you glue more strongly together. It sort of is a highlight and glimpse of what your married life would be.

4. Avoid Court and lawsuits:

Many couples go through a rough patch when alimony isn’t settled or terms and conditions aren’t defined. They end up facing bitter situations. Lawsuits are filled and endless court proceedings add the bitterness to the existing dread they are going through. Prenuptial agreements are meant to ease the pain of that and allow you to part your ways in a civil manner.

5. Who’s Responsible for what?

Everyone has their baggage in the form of debts and liabilities. It is possible that the person you intend on marrying is bringing in a lot of debt with him. A Prenup demarcates your liabilities and debts from that of your spouse. You know exactly what you are responsible for and how you are going to pay that off without posing a burden on your better half.

Types of Prenuptial agreements:

There happen to be many different types of prenuptial agreements. The significant two we shall be considering are simple prenuptial agreement and the other one is a standard prenuptial agreement. Both differ in terms of clauses they have. Both have same format just the terms and condition may exceed in one and remain standardized in the other. It solely based on the will of spouses, which of the sort they would most prefer. What sort applies to their situation and how they would proceed with it? It is entirely their will and that of the attorney to sort matters for them.

It is never entirely about the money:

People are of the opinion that Prenup is signed just for the financial settlement which is entirely wrong. They aren’t just the financial contracts. There is more to picture than just a few bucks. It is the family, ownership of it, custody of children, religious differences and whatnot. All these may seem trivial at the moment but they turn out to be life changing in later life. It is only a sensible thing to do to settle this thing. Divorce is not always the situation that is the outcome of marriage, what if one of the spouses dies? These matters are for that reason and therefore shouldn’t be taken for granted and left for later times. Decisions made now are better than ones made afterwards when the times are tough. You don’t know what chapter of life, what leaf is turned at a certain point.

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What is the Difference Between Pledge and Guarantee?

What is the Difference Between Pledge and Guarantee?

It is often quite confusing what distinguishes between a pledge and a guarantee. By definition to most people both sound the same and are often used interchangeably. This however is wrong because both differ in a wider frame. A pledge is merely a promise to do something. It works as a promissory note but it does not entail binding of any sort whereas a guarantee is binding in nature such as the one which is placed or given on retail goods for example.

Everyday Example:

To make things clearer, the following example signifies how a pledge is different from guarantee and what role does binding have in this entire matter. For instance, a bank has taken two approaches to deal with the mortgage on property. The bank usually gives away a written pledge that a person applying for loan after initial investigation would be qualified for a bond worth the amount he is seeking. But this could vary because under no conditions the bank has obligation or has guaranteed a bond to that person. When such a situation occurs banks usually go for more than one inspection and after that if the financials do not allow the pledge is declined for a bond.

Guarantee and pledge agreement form carries all the essentials needed and studied before actually granting a certain right to a person. In other cases some banks abide to the practice of guarantee without pledge form template but then the financials and whatever the requisites are, should be in harmony and accordance to the bank’s code of conduct. So the mere difference is that of deliverance in actual and just a promise.

Purpose of Guarantee and Pledge:

It is quite possible that anything pledged may not come to see the day light because it is just a promise would could be forsaken but a guarantee is the assurance of the outcome. Both, Guarantee and Pledge are given mostly in bank related issues where you have to secure a loan or payment of security to the creditor has to be done. Pledge or guarantee agreement is also called collateral which is signed between the parties securing loan and giving loan.

Bank Guarantee:

Any person who wishes to invest a certain amount in a business or needs to borrow loan from the bank requires a bank guarantee. It is imperative for the individual and bank to enter in a contract certifying that guarantee. This guarantee states that the bank on behalf of the individual will make settlements and full payments to the seller if the individual should fail to carry out the payment by himself. Some basics for a bank guarantee are

  • The guarantee enables confidence to begin with
  • Investors through this guarantee can start off with their business with the payments due for later
  • Guarantees give the investor a chance to invest freely on large scale
  • Bank covers the amount that has been settled initially between the applicant of loan and the bank, so certain number of funds will be released
  • This guarantee requires the investor to be in good standing in terms of finances. The credit scores, the bank statement, income statement, cash flow charts and entire financial backbone should be strong enough to stand tall for the guarantee receiving.

Prerequisites of Guarantee and Pledge:

The applicant is under by law bound to pronounce following information in written and verbal form before the bank who is the supplier in order to secure a pledge leading to guarantee

  • How much funds are required
  • Guarantee should be for how much time period
  • What are the underlying conditions and terms on the payments to follow
  • The amount need and in which currency it has to be delivered when needed
  • Details of the beneficiary which also includes the financial documentation

Having failed to submit the answers to accuracy of the above mentioned key points, you fail to receive the guarantee and pledge under any condition.

Guarantee Decline:

It is entirely up to the bank whether it will accept the plea for guarantee or pledge. It could be declined for the following reasons

  • The investor or the applicant has been charged with scam or deceit
  • The means of financial standing were deceptive
  • The financial backing was forged
  • Documentation was incomplete
  • The credit scores are poor
  • Previous bank history exhibits outstanding loans and low mortgage value

So these are some of the key take away points that explain why any person or investor per say is declined the right to a pledge and guarantee.


Once you have successfully completed the pledged part you are given the right of guarantee and then bank does as promised because a binding has been formed between the parties. The matter is more than just of a promise which could not be now waived. You all make promises that aren’t fulfilled all the times but that does not and should not keep you from trying your best to secure anything in life.

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How Website Owners can Sell Ads Directly to Advertisers?

How Website Owners can Sell Ads Directly to Advertisers?

Internet is a huge money making tool. If you know your game, you are good at it then you will reap millions out of this thing called advertisements on your website. Besides making millions of revenue on your website you can now make generate income separately on by selling ads directly to the advertisers. Usually when you have reached a certain point in your business you are good to start selling advertisements directly to the advertisers.

Prerequisites for Selling:

There is no defined number of audiences that you require for taking that step. You do not have to oblige a huge code of business and definition to hit selling your ads because no number is assigned in most cases. You may not always have a large traffic inflow on your website to help you with that but having traffic would definitely mean you are in for luck, you are good to receive good share of income from selling those ads to your desired audience. Some advertisers require you to hit a certain number and viability quotient before they buy your ads. But that’s not a frequent case to occur.

Good Time to Sell your Ads and How:

Admitted that number of visitor do not define your qualification for selling ads but looking at it logically would explain a lot. Greater number of visitors means the traffic inflow is a lot that means you have a greater reach to the audience. It is a trick to lure in the advertisers. For beginners you may have a great website, portfolio and products but as soon as you hit the desired audience you can start to tempt your advertisers and sponsors into buying your ads.

Quality over Quantity:

It is quite true for an audience. You may or may not have numbers to impress but your analytics should say that the number of visitors is active, the returning visitors are there and a lot of subscribers happen to be on your page. This adds the shimmer on your portfolio and attracts your advertisers. The advertisers could see the curiosity and interest of people and may actually be inclined towards you. The number of active data base indicates high level of interest from their end to purchase your ads. Advertiser’s service agreement could entail visitors and their interest which is a plus point for your company.

Know Your Audience:

knowing your audience is the key to running your business successfully. When you know your audience, you know what they like, so you tend to add that content. You incorporate every possible idea to get their attention because they are your potential future buyers. You please them and in return they please you by buying your ads. Monitor their movement on the page. Visitor mapping is important, see for yourself where they click the most and then make changes accordingly. Your advertisers would also love a more than just little space on your website. When they see their ad displayed in some corner or header they are delighted by the website for promoting their content so they buy more from you. It is like a give and take. You can have that clause scribbled on your advertising agreement template and earn a great deal from it.

How Internet Ads work?

Internet space is very important so make sure you as the publisher or page owner use it to the best of your knowledge and benefit. The content and message which is absolutely imperative to go on display should be added and futile attempts should not be made with your audience because it only tarnishes your image. Advertisers pay the publishers and publisher or the page owners in return give impressions to the visitors. Visitors generate clicks, revenues and views for the publishers. So it’s a loop in which these three parties revolve.

Why Ads are Good?

Having ads is at times off putting for most people. You most certainly often switch your page when you get splash ads or pop up ads when you open a new website. You do avoid it, but what you fail to realize is the fact how they are advantageous for you even as an audience. You should keep in mind that more the ads more will be the revenue that you generate. Some organizations have pay per click policy which says that with every click on your page and ad you will be given some revenue. In a positive way even as a consumer you are generating lots of credit and revenue for a certain page. More the merrier is the only doable policy online.


Conclusively speaking having good content is a bonus point for your business even if it is physical. Good message and content conveys that you as a page owner care about the traffic inflow, you care about the visibility of your content and you act responsible. These points will add positive image to your portfolio of products and your business on the whole. So be careful regrading what goes on display on your website as it decides your income.

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What is a Letter of Competency?

What is a Letter of Competency?

Have you ever noticed how important are competency and strong headedness for any job? It is not just the preliminary interview that requires you to answer competency based questions but even in your career you may be put through situations where you need to qualify as a competent candidate. Competency test or physician’s statement of mental competency is a declaration of how competent and sound an individual is when it comes to performing a task of huge responsibility.

Letter of mental competency template would carry a statement from a reputable physician or an institute stating that the persona is able to perform all tasks with a sound mind and he or she qualifies to be a competent individual who has a high likelihood of delivering greats tasks.

Importance of Competency Letter:

This does sound a little perplexing at start but once you get a grasp of how it works, you are good to go. Competency letters are important because they are a way to make sure for an organization that employees they are hiring are actually productive for their company. This letter is designed and formulated by competent authorities so their word is the final verdict and hold utmost importance for an individual undergoing a test because it defines their path in future.

What is Competency?

Competency is an objective term which means a person having sufficient ability or sufficient prerequisite to engage in a business endeavor. It entails broad terms and duties such as the following,

  • Ability to contract something
  • Ability to perform a certain task,
  • Able to stand a trial
  • Able to lead a team
  • Able to delegate
  • To make major decisions for the company

Simply the word competency refers to your mental and cognitive abilities to make rational decisions. Any person declared incompetent by a competent authority or physician may see himself or herself in deep abyss because that puts his or her career at halt. It surely isn’t in the best interest of the employee having that remark in their career.

How Competency is Established or Ensured?

Most physicians perform following steps in order to see for the organization if a person is competent enough for a certain job. The initial stages of analysis involve constant monitoring and recording of significant events or incidents that have happened in an employee’s career and in their life. The other thing monitored is the individual’s behavior. It has to be seen whether the individual sees things through negative lens or a positive frame. The positivity and negativity of behavior is noted down. The significant events or incidents are further broken down in two categories. Behaviors executed as a result of those incidents and performance achieved eventually is noted as well.

Organizations Conduct Competency Tests:

Not just the physician’s declaration is important but a company’s method of finding it out on their own is also validated in this account. The Human Resources department can on their own device tests to measure a candidate’s competency. There are following ways in which you can see,

Annual Appraisal System:

It should mention an employee’s performance throughout the year and it shouldn’t come as a surprise as well.

360 Degree Feedback:

It should be tested through colleagues’ eyes. The coworkers should have a say and give their feedback on their fellows how they are to them. It entails honest interactions and experiences.

Analysis of Key Performance Indicators or KPIs:

Employees are required to take test that will check for their cognitive abilities and their practical mindedness. Their positive areas have to be monitored. The meeting needs to be under surveillance. If there is a weakness it too shall be highlighted.

An employee’s performance is largely dependent on his or her engagement or interactions on everyday basis with their coworkers, authorities and subordinates. Their relationship with the environment and the business they are conducting is important as well. Their role deliverance and role requirement is crucial. It has to be seen whether they understand it and act in accordance to that. Their morale at each stage accounts to their behavior and the human resources department must take that into notice.

A competency based assessment could also be conducted where the employee is given a set of questions which he or she will answer for themselves. The answers should be then analyzed by a competent authority or a psychologist or a physician. Only they are good at telling how competent is a certain guy or girl for a post they have been hired for and whether or not they require promotion or demotion.

Key Takeaways:

  • Measuring competencies is essential and integral part of assessing an employee’s performance on different scales
  • Role description or job specifications do identify the competencies but how you evaluate them is entirely objective and evidence based
  • Competency is defined and seen through the behavior exhibited. These behaviors hold key strategic importance and they are thought in terms of KSAs which stands for knowledge, skills and attitudes
  • KSA provides deeper insight into measurable components for assessment

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5 Reasons to Stop Payment on a Check

5 Reasons to Stop Payment on a Check

Financial matters require extreme vigilance and care for the theft if identity, scams and online hacking are quite a thing nowadays. When a large sum of money is involved, the stakes of losing it are automatically raised.

Monetary matters are usually dealt by bank or financial institute, nonetheless it doesn’t exempt you of your duties to care for the money you are depositing. Lunacy would be in play if you just sit and issue checks and rely entirely on how the banks work. Checks float in banks every day. They fulfill the purpose of drawing money and issuing loans etc. However the payment upon checks has to be eluded entirely for many reasons.

The process to stop payment of checks is needed for the best interests of the stakeholders and financial institutes as well. There is a proper procedure which is to be followed to stop payment letters. Usually the stop payment letter is issued in an event when an individual or a company wish to notify the concerning bank to immediately cease operations like payment on check.

Rules for this Law:

Checking account and that too running is the prerequisite for earning that right to be in practice. Some of the rules for this code of law are

  • Stop payment order could be issued in verbal and nonverbal form but the duration only varies then. An orally pronounced order would last for a fortnight that is 14 days whereas the written holds significance for 6 months.

  • It could be renewed in writing to add the additional 6 months to the tenure.

  • You could hand deliver, call or fax or now email your stop payment.

  • You are required to keep note and evidence of whatsoever form of payment you put into action. Keep hold of their receipts and all.

  • Stopping a check payment without a legitimate reason would be punishable under the eyes of law and civil. It has to be in accordance to the bank rules and times.

Reasons to Stop Payment on Check:

There could be a number of reasons for when you decide to deny giving the right to your bank for not issuing the check that you have already written. Some of the concrete reasons are given below:

1. The Check has been stolen:

check itself or the check book in event of being stolen somehow makes a good reason for stopping the check payment. A stop notice form can be issued from your end. You are required to cancel it immediately. A check stop payment letter will act as notice or report to the bank to look after any vile activity on their account. You can cancel by requesting and all your check payments would be halted once and for all until advised otherwise.

2. Breach of Trust:

when the contractor sees the client has breached the trust of contract and gone against the terms and conditions of contract, he is under complete authority to issue a stop payment letter to bank. The good being provided, the product or services promised and other necessities or requirements if not fulfilled than they could easily revoke the right through check payment.

3. Insufficient Funds or Cash:

it is easily and humanly possible that once you have committed and contracted to something you may not be able to fund it completely in the future for whatever the reason is. Under such condition the deliverable in the form of check could be revoked if the business/ company or individual feels like it. It could be that the person who has written a check was expecting cash receivable or deposit from someone but hasn’t received it. This does present another angle of looking at this which is called check floating.

4. Electronic Payment:

since everything even the banks are no more manual, but entirely online there is quite a possibility that payment is done electronically. It could be requested electronically but now you have issued or written a check. To reverse that stop payment letter to bank must be floated immediately to take care of your funds.

5. In Event of Dispute:

if you have some conflict or clash of interest after you have transacted with your client, you can still go for cancelling of the check or stop payment. In event of a dispute you either do a stop payment method or you prefer paying through debit card because you no more trust the merchant or your client to handle monetary matters. Debit card instantly draws money which could then be given away as per your terms and conditions and that too without getting caught in any hassle. It is your money you can do whatever you wish to do with it.

To Sum it Up:

Lastly money matters are quite sensitive. Never be reckless when you are dealing with payments and that too on huge projects. Contracts are made and nullified daily but your money is not easily retrieved that you have once lost. In most cases you are left empty handed with no cash at all. That’s the worst case scenario. So precaution is always better than cure.

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Looking to Sell Your Side Project?

Looking to Sell Your Side Project?

In the roman era, before monetary transaction came into practice, barter system was used to transfer ownership for one good. You were required to carry out the sale or transaction through exchange of goods. Now that the currency and monetary system is in full practice, the barter system has eradicated. You are free to sell anything at its due price.

The sale of technological products is however different than the normal consumer good like shampoo soaps and some other. Technology is not just another fast manufacturing consumer good, which could be sold without an agreement.

The benefit of having a non-exclusive sale of technology agreement is that you have it in written about the transfer of ownership. This prevents future hassle, chaos and issues as far as your product is concerned.

A Nonexclusive technology sale agreement template is signed between the seller and buyer, and it comprises of review of the products you are selling, their condition and price along with the warranty details.

Benefits of Having the Agreement:

  1. Such agreements help small scope companies with smaller number of stakeholders. Small number of businesses can secure the simplest form of transaction and avoid legality issue in the future.

  2. This agreement clearly identifies the set of rights each party owns before and after the transaction. Both parties as in the buyer and the seller are clear of their respective give outs and would have to act along the best interests of each other.

  3. This signifies the harmony between the ones involved in the transaction. It clearly states both the parties have unanimously agreed on the ownership clause.

  4. Another highlight of this agreement is agreement and mutual acceptance of the selling price. Buyer and seller have agreed on certain terms and selling price in advance which takes care of the taxation and estate laws in the future and longer run. Technology sale and purchase agreement secures your proprietary rights.

  5. This bond verifies your investment and makes you a potential and reputable businessman for further investments.

Strategies for Sale of Technology:

Never let go of your product for a price lesser than its original worth. Technology is not something which deteriorates on its own. No matter how old it is, a significant advantage could be extracted out of it depending upon its utility. So the basic strategy for selling your technology is negotiating over a fair price.

You have to look for yourself its value and the attributes that it has and then make any move or further offer. The buying party has definitely some sort of need that you are looking to cater. When you have seized that opportunity and you have what it takes to fulfil that need then instead of employing cheap tactics, make reasonable offers and accept reasonableness in return.

Places to Sell your Technological Products:

Online selling is capturing quite a trend nowadays. Whatever you have to sell, just go online rather than physical selling. Brick and mortar system has now depreciated significantly so online selling is highly profitable, advisable and recommended. Before going all the way online you require technology license agreement. You can go on following platforms for selling your projects

  1. Facebook is just the right place for reaching out to the masses. You can conduct online buying and selling and even conduct electronic signing of the agreement over there. Facebook groups are used for this purpose.

  2. Another great platform for suchness is Amazon. In a popular opinion Amazon works in a better yet productive way. That is because reviews could be genuine and authentic exactly by the buyers. You can see how people have reacted to certain purchases. The pros and cons are also mentioned which makes it easier for the seller to post their product and more beneficial for the buyer. The buyer is then in full awareness of what goes in any product.

  3. EBay is the online auction site. Amazon and EBay go neck to neck in sale of such products. They have features almost similar to that of the Amazon and it too could prove useful in selling. These websites give you selling guarantee and sure profit which isn’t rendered so easily.

  4. SWAPPA: this is a new addition to the list of websites for buy and sale of used mobiles and even new packed ones. It is so easy to create a new listing on this website. It lets you post variety of products that you wish to sell. It has a user friendly display and makes it easier for customer to navigate on the website.

Buying and selling of technology or your side projects is not an easy task. It takes in a lot of consideration, a lot of time and effort. It is also possible that you may not get the desired customer or even price for it, but you have to make adjustments if that is your business that you intend to pursue and follow in future. Patience is the key.

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Starting a Laptop Repair Business, Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Starting a Laptop Repair Business, Here's Everything You Need to Know

Starting a business is never an easy task. It is doable and highly advisable if you are a charismatic individual who loves working for their own self rather than bowing down to corporate slavery.

People have spent eternity working for giant corporations that suck the souls out of them and therefore, there is quite a market for startups and new businesses. You are most likely to find entrepreneurs at every threshold but not each one of them ends up with lucrative career and life style.

Entrepreneurial Venture:

You saw how startups rose to fame and now are million dollar market just like the Drop Box or Facebook for that matter. A lot of brainstorming and functioning goes in the backend of a business. Any entrepreneurial venture takes in three important things

  • Need in the product/customer market for the product or service you are ready to launch
  • Idea to begin with, which should be unique
  • Execution of that idea

Considering how the market is heavily saturated with new startups of various sorts and offerings. If your MVP runs successfully in the market, you are good to go. Digital media has our lives encapsulated in a way that we think in this dimension more often. Even now the businesses are flourishing and new startups are emerging in this field.

Laptop Repair Business:

Laptop or digital technology market is rapidly progressing and according to Forbes it is expected to grow quickly in the years to come. Anything remotely related to computers, tablets and gadgets is under limelight now. It is the future and the present. Laptop repair business is expected to flourish provided better startups emerge on the current scenario. Follow the underlying steps to set up a lucrative business in laptop repair market.

1. Know your customer:

Identifying who you want to serve is the key to proceed. Identifying your target audience and their characteristics is where you begin with. Market segmentation, targeting and then channeling your marketing efforts in that direction is the logical and systematic way to approach. First see what are their age, their income and the problems they are faced with. A demographical check at the background is important to your laptop repair business.

Are you targeting masses or the niche? Having a niche market helps you carve out your specialty and point of differentiation in a better way. Point of differentiation could be your customer service too. Have you worked on the customer maintenance department? Are your customer maintenance forms or customer maintenance templates available readily to your audience? Customer service template and the tech savvy nature should go hand in hand.

2. Perform SWOT analysis on the industry:

Hhaving the detailed analysis and knowhow of the market and the industry you are operating is necessary because it helps you understand your business and the client. Most companies just do the initial analysis of their own strengths and weaknesses. But for you to be successful you have to do the entire test of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that you as a business are faced with.

You might have the technical backing but not a business upfront, and vice versa. You have to have a balance between the two, being tech savvy and being good at running any business. You have to see if you as a company are able to build strong relationship with your customer and what threats you might encounter while doing so. Seize the opportunities that befall you.

3. Cost Effectiveness is your Key:

Time is money and every effort you put in is your cost. How you earn the best deal out of it is your prize and price. Be very cautious about your pricing strategies. Your revenues and your underlying cost are the backbone of your business. Any negligence in that would lead you to crumbles.

You don’t want to lose clients by being the premium in town and by being at the lower end. In this case again establish a strong optimal point between the two extremes. Do a market research for the prices in market and then establish a reasonable price. You can go for following strategies

  • Status quo
  • Cost based pricing
  • Value based pricing
  • Premium pricing
  • Competitive pricing

And many more to begin with but it should be in coherence with what you offer.

Overnight Success in not Always the Fate:

There is always a right time for everything. May be now is not the right occasion for starting up your business. It could be in the near future. The goal is being patient with the results. You have got to put your urgency at aside and wait for the outcome. Your business will kick in if you’ve followed the steps correctly. Losing hope at the initial stage means giving up which never works for startups and entrepreneurs.

A successful business in the laptop repair market takes time by building strong and long term relation with your customer. First invest in that and then wait for the results. If efficient operations are going at the back end then the productivity is surely to be actualized and realized in the longer run.

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